Go Swim All Strokes with Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen

Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen has set more than 200 Masters world records, including at least one world record in every stroke, and multiple world records in the 100, 200, and 400 IM. how does she do it? In this video, Karlyn shares six simple secrets for uncomplicating your swimming and taking it to a new level.

Go Swim All-Strokes with Eric Shanteau – DVD

One of the world’s fastest breaststrokers and IM swimmers demonstrates classic and “teachable” technique for all four strokes…and talks about how to approach each stroke in an IM race. A complete instructional video for swimmers and coaches.

Positioning Techniques for Teaching Swimming

The essential teaching video for coaches, learn-to-swim instructors, and parents.
The perfect companion DVD to take you one step beyond Go Swim Teaching Progressions.
Use it to train your entire teaching/coaching staff!

Go Swim the 7 Competitive Turns with Steve Haufler

Steve Haufler is recognized as one of the best stroke-and-turn instructors in the world. In GO SWIM THE 7 COMPETITIVE TURNS, Steve shares his secrets for teaching the turns that every swimmer must know: flip turns, open turns, and IM transition turns.

Go Swim Triathlon Skills with Sara McLarty

Make swimming the BEST part of your triathlon!

Sara McLarty is widely recognized as one of the fastest swimmers in triathlon. In GO SWIM TRIATHLON SKILLS, Sara shares her secrets for working on stroke technique, and for learning open-water skills in the pool. She demonstrates the technique and skills she’s learned through years of training, competing and working with other triathletes.

Go Swim Freestyle with Jason Lezak

In GO SWIM FREESTYLE, Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Jason Lezak shares the key focus points that he uses to develop his awesome freestyle technique.