All Strokes – Kickboard Flip

Sometimes achieving greatness means finding places to practice skills you’ll need, when you’re training something else. Why do it: During … READ

All Strokes – Dive and Glide

What kind of line do you carry into the water from your start, and how does your bodyline ultimately impact just how far you have to “swim”?

Backstroke – Topher Drill

Revisiting one of the original Drill of the Week videos. This takes us way back, to working with a very specific young swimmer named Christopher. Christopher had a problem of using a straight arm backstroke pull, and through the process of trying to fix it, we came up with this little process.

Pace Pal Underwater Pace Clock

I love underwater pace clocks. The ability to learn something, and remind swimmers that they should always have their eyes and mind on the time.

All Strokes – Soft Hands

When taper time comes and you want to swim your fastest, it’s a good idea to sharpen your connection with the water with feel.