COMBO – Oil Rigs

My good buddy Dave showed me this drill recently. He uses it to develop power in his arms, and to improve his timing and coordination. He likes the teamwork aspect as well.

There�s always plenty to do around the office when Glenn�s off somewhere filming or traveling, experiencing the local cuisine, but we like to have some fun, too, when he�s gone. Sometimes we even use products that we don�t sell on the website.

Many basic balance drills in swimming are done in static positions. The goal of these drills is to make you aware of how the water supports your body if you are balanced.

Butterfly and breaststroke can be a struggle for some swimmers, especially if they try too hard to have a big, powerful kick and a big, powerful pull. A big pull and a big kick may FEEL productive, but they create a lot of resistance that you have to overcome to go forward.

Breaststroke and butterfly are dependant on a good body undulation. By practicing the simple drill posted here, you’ll begin to have a good foundation of the move you’ll need as you progress further.

One of the most important things to think about when you swim breaststroke and butterfly is WHERE you are sending your energy.

No-Hands Slinky is a short-axis (SA) drill that teaches you to use your core body � chest and hips � to move down the pool. In breaststroke and butterfly (the short-axis strokes), you�ll move more efficiently if you learn to use your core body, rather than your arms and legs, for propulsion.