Equipment – Drag+Fly

If you’re looking to add some resistance to a particular swimmer or stroke, consider the Drag+Fly. We were sent one of these a couple months ago, and thought we’d give it a try.

Warm down or cool down. Whatever you call it, with championship meets coming up, it’s very important that swimmers understand the importance of completing it.

The goal of practice isn’t just to make swimmers work. It’s also to engage them IN the work. Switching up what you do from the standard back and forth can be motivating and turn into a great workout.

This may be seen as more rant than drill, and some will like it, and some will not.  Either way, the pull buoy is what it is… a useful piece of swim equipment.

Many swimmers…especially Masters swimmers…find it challenging to do dolphin kick on their back. This week’s drill, which combines dolphin kick with breaststroke kick, will help you build the necessary muscles and technique.