All Strokes – Warm Up!

So it’s not a drill, or even a focal point… but without this common occurance in swimming, you’re just not ready to swim.

If you’re looking for something to strengthen your forearms, especially for breaststroke, here’s a quick drill that will do the trick.

If you’re looking for challenging ways to gain fitness for your legs, while adding a fun aspect to your training, medballs can certainly help accomplish that task.

Ever since there’s been competitive swimming, there have been get-out swims. A great way to encourage swimmers to go faster than they thought they could, with the cherry of getting out of practice 10 minutes early.

Working on the power necessary to increase your quickness in the recovery of breaststroke, as well as increasing your overall strength, can be accomplished through a fun dryland exercise.

Instinct is a tough thing to discover, and what you instinctively do with your hands can have a direct impact on your performance.

Dryland Training

There’s never anything more exciting than finding a simple exercise anyone can do.