Butterfly – Kick 4, Swim 1

In Kick 4, Swim 1, Olympic Gold Medalist Misty Hyman shares one of her favorite drills for working on proper timing of the butterfly kick. Her drill is illustrated with a clip from the DVD Go Swim Butterfly with Misty Hyman.

Butterfly – Med-Ball Kick

As a coach/teacher, there are a few things that really get you excited about the work you’re doing. One really important thing for me, is when an athlete starts to make suggestions, or has new ideas. Such is the case with this drill.

Butterfly – Head Lead Body Dolphin with Fins

This week’s drill offers an unbeatable combination: one of the world’s most basic butterfly drills demonstrated by one of the world’s most talented butterfliers. Check out how Misty Hyman turns good-old Head-Lead Body Dolphin into pure poetry. (From the DVD Go Swim Butterfly with Misty Hyman.)

Butterfly – Pull-Buoy Kicking

If you think pull buoys are just for pulling, it’s time to take a fresh look at your favorite pool toy. This week’s Drill of the Week is Part 2 in our series on pull-buoy kicking

BUTTERFLY – Underwater Dolphin

The new universal movement, the underwater dolphin movement has become one of the most important skills in all of swimming. It is a move that can, and should be practiced off every wall, in every practice.

BUTTERFLY – 2 Right, 2 Left, 2 Stroke

Wow. The title of this drill is enough to make you tired, but we�re sure that, over time, you�ll come up with your own shortened and EASY title (like 2-2-2 Fly).

Butterfly – Vertical Kick

Had enough touchy- feely, blissful drills to last you a while? Then grab a BIG WEIGHT, clasp it tight to your chest, and work on your dolphin kick.

BUTTERFLY – Single Arm

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a movie with a voice explanation of what the picture is doing worth? Well, figure it this way, these clips are produced at about 15 frames (or pictures) per second.


Most swimmers spend too much time diving WAY DOWN and then climbing WAY UP when they swim butterfly. Low Fly helps you stay in the speed zone � staying nice and low as your breathe and sweep your arms over the surface, and staying shallow as you glide and kick.