This week’s drill is really about a question: Do you go to air in breaststroke when the hands are sweeping out, or when the hands are sweeping in?

Freestyle – Lope Kick

If you have a swimmer who has a natural loping freestyle, harness that trait and incorporate it into kick and catch training, and general conditioning.

All Strokes – Starts

Every race begins with the start. How you react and the direction you choose can determine if you’re ahead or behind.

I love underwater pace clocks. The ability to learn something, and remind swimmers that they should always have their eyes and mind on the time.

Getting into the groove of a flowing breaststroke isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Mixing up the strokes sometimes gives you an advantage toward this, if only for a few strokes.

When taper time comes and you want to swim your fastest, it’s a good idea to sharpen your connection with the water with feel.