FREESTYLE – Single Arm

How could such a simple drill help you work on so many aspects of technique? Single-arm freestyle is one of the oldest drills in the book…and one of the most valuable. Here’s why.

FREESTYLE – Eye Position

Where am I going? Who’s in front of me? How far is it to the wall? Am I going straight? Is my hand entering at the right place? Am I headed to straight to the next buoy?

FREESTYLE – Hand Scull

Developing a good feel for the water is key to improving as a swimmer. Awakening the feelings in your arms and hands helps you get a better grip on the water, and allows you to develop a more effective pull.

FREESTYLE – Breathe Early

If you read my article �Perpetuating the Myth,� you know that my search for swimming clip art was a total bust. It was completely frustrating to see how our sport is portrayed � maybe �betrayed� is a better word.

FREESTYLE – Breathe Every Stroke

Most swimmers have GREAT technique until it’s time to breathe. That�s when the hips fall, the head goes up, the rotation slows, and the arms are used to leverage UP to air rather than to move you forward.

FREESTYLE – Extended Release

There is so much talk these days about the importance of body alignment, balance, and rotation, that sometimes we forget about some of the OTHER things that help us move through the water. The Pull, for instance and, specifically, the last part of the pull.

FREESTYLE – Slide Stroke

If you�ve ever visited your local pool during open swim, you�ll see a lot of normally calm, well-mannered people thrashing and crashing their way from one side of the pool to the other. They don�t intend to look so aggressive and physical, it�s just that they�re doing what feels instinctual.