Freestyle – The New Hypoxic

I have to say, I’m not a fan of hypoxic training for masters swimmer, but I am a fan of learning efficiency to the point of not needing air.

Freestyle – Position 11 for Two

Staying in balance for a smooth freestyle isn’t always as easy as it looks. Sometimes it takes more than one to really accomplish the perfect stroke.

Freestyle – Balance Catch Progression

Here’s a short freestyle progression, using a combination of drills to help swimmers focus on balance, the timing of the weight shift in the body, and holding the water into the catch.

Freestyle – Waterfall Flips 2

After spending a week in London watching the Olympics and seeing an old friend, Coach Dave Durden, we were reminded of a drill Dave shared with us.

Freestyle – The Deep Catch

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the straight-arm pull versus the bent-arm pull. Paddle versus propeller. Linear pull pattern versus S-shaped pull pattern. To figure out which is best for you, you need to experience both types of pull.

World Class 25

I had recently come across this cool little app called viddy just before I flew to Charlotte to do some work.

Freestyle – Open-Water Rabbit

There’s a certain loneliness about training for open-water swimming, especially when you do your training in a pool. This drill serves multiple purposes to teach and help break the monotony that comes with 5,000-meter swims.

Freestyle – Inner-Elbow Extension

The problem with way too many swimmers is that they take a very long path to the catch. One of the most common long paths: crossing over prior to extension.

Freestyle – Power Elbow

Developing power and the proper pull for freestyle takes an understanding of where real power comes from.

Freestyle – Ankle Pull Buoy

Maintaining a stable core is an important part of a good freestyle. This standard drill is a good one to help accomplish this.

Freestyle – Reach, Ride, and Grab

Swimming with paddles gives people a feeling of power as they pull, but this drill will help you focus on another aspect of your stroke… reach!

Freestyle – Underwater Free

Being able to focus on one specific aspect of your stroke sometimes takes isolation. Swimming under water certainly gives you that.

Freestyle – Fingertip Drag

Fingertip Drag is one of the oldest drills in swimming. It’s survived the test of time because it’s simple to explain AND incredibly effective. It’s amazing how such a basic drill can impact so many things in your stroke.

Freestyle – Flutter Kick Focus

To really sprint in freestyle, you’re going to have to develop a strong kick. Focusing on how much you use your legs can really help this.

Freestyle – High Hips

It’s amazing what having your hips just a couple inches higher in freestyle can mean to your efficiency and speed.

Freestyle – Board Power Pull

After spending time with Cullen Jones, we saw some real power in freestyle. It wasn’t so much the focus on early vertical forearm, but rather, about producing power.

Freestyle – Single-Arm Trailing

This is an old standby drill for freestyle that’s been done by coaches and swimmers since as long as we can remember. This drill is demonstrated by Gold Medalist, Cullen Jones.