Being able to focus on one specific aspect of your stroke sometimes takes isolation. Swimming under water certainly gives you that.

Fingertip Drag is one of the oldest drills in swimming. It’s survived the test of time because it’s simple to explain AND incredibly effective. It’s amazing how such a basic drill can impact so many things in your stroke.

To really sprint in freestyle, you’re going to have to develop a strong kick. Focusing on how much you use your legs can really help this.

It’s amazing what having your hips just a couple inches higher in freestyle can mean to your efficiency and speed.

After spending time with Cullen Jones, we saw some real power in freestyle. It wasn’t so much the focus on early vertical forearm, but rather, about producing power.

This is an old standby drill for freestyle that’s been done by coaches and swimmers since as long as we can remember. This drill is demonstrated by Gold Medalist, Cullen Jones.