Main Set Thursday – September 22, 2011

Lots of 125s today — getting ready for our SCM meet in a SCY pool. This one pleased both the distance swimmers and the sprinters. Some of the distance swimmers stayed and did the set twice.

Main Set Thursday – July 14, 2011

Swimmers on the Masters team that I coach have a big triathlon this weekend (in Fairlee, VT). Thinking that they might need a bit of taper today, I gave them the following set, which isn’t too strenuous, but provides lots of opportunities to practice drafting, sighting, and bilateral breathing.

Independence Day Practice

To celebrate Independence Day in the USA, here’s a practice that gives you free choice (with a little bit of structure).

Descend Set

Main set starts with 100s at a sustainable threshold pace and works down to a single 100 at max effort.

Working on Rotation

Two main sets to choose from. In one lane, we’ll have 3 swimmers sharing 1 Tech Toc and 1 Hydro Hip, working on rotation in freestyle and backstroke. In the other lanes, the freestylers and triathletes will have a freestyle set with descending sendoffs, simulating race-day fatigue in a distance event.

Triathlon Workout

Our triathlon season starts this weekend with Mooseman! The water will be cold, so this workout has a set to practice relaxed breathing…also a set with some distance pulling and 50s on decreasing sendoffs, to practice holding the same pace even as fatigue sets in.

Have Your Pull Buoy Nearby

Every set in this workout has you mixing it up — with either fast/slow…kick/swim…pull/swim. The triathlon set will give you practice at passing another swimmer (or how to hold to your own pace if you are getting passed by someone else).

IM & Kick Main Set

IM 100s for a main set, but with only 3 strokes of fast fly (then switch to drill or freestyle to finish the fly length). The point is to get several chances to practice race-pace fly…and not to spend any time practicing slow-pace survival fly. The set targets those swimmers in our group who are going to nationals and need to practice race-pace fly for the 100 IM and for the 50 and 100 fly.

Freestyle Rotation Set and Changing-Pace Set

This mostly freestyle set gives triathletes some practice at switching gears and reacting to changing race conditions. You’ll have several chances to start fast and then back off the pace…start slow and pick up the pace at the end…start slow, pick it up, then back off again.

IM and Freestyle Main Set

Our Masters team has a mix of triathletes, fitness, and competitive swimmers. This main set has something for all of them.

Major/Minor Freestyle Sets

A good set for triathletes to practice sighting, swimming close to others, and breathing to both sides (plus, they’ll LOVE the kick set):)

UV Rays IM Main Set

Championships were last weekend, so now it’s time for the triathletes to start preparing for their season with a sighting set, and for the rest of the group to do some drills in all strokes.

Freestyle Swim & Kick

A standard main set of 15 X 100 free, broken up with fins, pull buoy, kicking, stroke counting, and breathing patterns.

Freestyle Pull and IM Set

Main set with modifications for triathletes and beginners. Plus a set for those tapering for Masters championships this weekend.