Main Set 8 X 200 Plus Tether Set for Those Headed to Championships

8 X 200 can be kinda boring, but we alternated one pull and one swim with fins (descend the fins), and this made the set more interesting and challenging. Swimmers were really CRANKING on the final 200. We modified the set for the intermediate and beginner lanes. Those headed to NEMSCY Champs next week did a separate tether set.

UV Rays Saturday Practice

Icy conditions on the roads this morning, so we had only 5 swimmers and we each got our own side of the lane. We did the following practice, with the 200s on a 3:45 sendoff and the 25s mostly on a :30 sendoff (sometimes :35). We all did something different on the 200s, so the 3:45 sendoff accommodated all of us and we stayed together through the entire main set. Bracketed info is what I did on the 200s. Others did all free… or IM… or ???