Mile High Chunnel Toppers

I just got an email from my friend Holden Bank, the new 50-54 masters national record holder for the 50 breast. What’s going on with the world these days, the breaststrokers are all going long!

Swim Quick – Swim Across America Event

Valentine’s Day Weekend, 2010 – Join “Swim Quick” in 2010 – Our long time friend and world renowned swim coach, Richard Quick, passed away from a malignant brain tumor last year.

Moss Melien

If your sport organization is looking at developing in some new directions, or if you could use some guidance on how to be more effective at what you already do, give these guys a look.

Search and Support Davo!

What if the National Transplant Assistance Fund – Dave Denniston fund earned a penny every time you searched the net? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support Dave’s cause. Well now it can!

Swimming Art Work

With not NEARLY enough cool swimming artwork out there, I was recently contacted by an artist who has done some really cool abstract art. Go grab some Swimmuse art!