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Who Will You Be? – Madison Avery Mills – Born 11/11/13

Last week was a pretty eventful week. My wife, Rachel, gave birth to our new daughter, Madison Avery Mills. Since then, and knowing how much lies ahead for this new baby, I started to think about what traits she will exhibit as she grows…traits of some of the closest people in my life.

Obervations from Masters Practice

A few days each week, I get to coach people my own age at masters practice. The dynamics are very different from coaching kids, and it keeps my job very interesting.

Observations From Age-Group Practice

We could all literally do this every day. When you just sit back and observe the daily actions of age-group swimmers, there are always things that you’d like to see being done differently. Here’s a quick list from last night:

My Worst Season

There are good years, and there are not-so-good years. The difference comes down to just mere tenths on the clock, but by seemingly miles in your mind.

Swimming with Waits

You know you’re doing your job right when 4 swimmers come up to you after practice, all wanting to talk about the same thing, and by answering one, you answer them all.