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Took 32 Years to Get to the Olympics

It’s been a very long road and it’s always tough to describe to people that you’re an Olympian… but have never actually BEEN to the Olympics. Thanks to Rachel and Lia, that changed this summer.

Go Swim London Wrap-up

If you’re feeling swim deprived this week, check out how our favorite swimmers did in London, then go get a subscription to www.goswimtv.com and find out how they do what they do.

Go Swim London 2012

Go Swim would like to honor and salute all swimmers, worldwide, who strive to represent their countries in the Olympics. Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with many of these swimmers, capturing them at the height of their form so that other swimemrs can learn from what they do.

That’s One

Always at the end of a season, you’ll have athletes who are completely satisfied with what they’ve done, and others who wish things had gone a little differently.

Just Do It!

One of the most-quoted sayings in the world is a marketing campaign by Nike… Just Do It! What sheer genius in the simplicity, and the ability to bring in every sport, every culture, every ability in one simple, three-word phrase. The question for us is: What…. is… “it”?


If there’s one thing I’d like young swimmers to grasp, or understand, it’s how brief their athletic life is going to be.

Taking Pride in the Agony

Day by day, swimmers trudge on. They endure the thankless loneliness of training… the agony and pain that just keep coming. The drudgery that goes along with the agony makes this one of the toughest sports, physically and mentally.