Go Swim Silicone Caps

With our updated Go Swim silicone caps. Fancy white on blue logos and stripes, you’ll feel faster as you slip through the water with these heavy, high quality silicone caps produced by our friends at Custom Swim Caps.

Training – PT Paddles

Most of us LOVE paddles for the power they provide and for the way they make us feel. The problem is… with most paddles, when you take them off, you’re immediately left with a feeling of loss. The loss of power, and especially that wonderful feeling that your arm has now become a stick.

Training – Finis Freestyler Hand Paddles

The Finis Freestyler Hand Paddle has been on the market for several years. As the name implies, this paddle has a very specific use, and after trying it for the other strokes, we’ve concluded that Finis is right… this is a FREESTYLE paddle.

Training – Got Paddles?

Paddles. Swimmers and coaches either love ’em or hate ’em, but you can’t avoid ’em. Paddles have been a part of swimming for a LONG time, and will continue to be. Nearly every Olympic swimmer for the past 30 years has used some sort of paddle on a regular basis.

Tempo Trainer IM Set #1

To swim a great IM, you need to have more than endurance and technically sound strokes. You need the ability to transition quickly from one stroke to another. That means fast transition turns, of course, but it also means getting into the cadence or rhythm or “groove” of the next stroke as quickly as possible. Here’s a Tempo Trainer set that will get you up and going – especially on backstroke and freestyle.

Tempo Trainer – Mode 2

Just when you think you’ve run out of fun ways to play in training, someone will convince you to READ the manual that comes with the tools you already use. The Tempo Trainer is a perfect example of this.