Make swimming the BEST part of your triathlon!

Sara McLarty is widely recognized as one of the fastest swimmers in triathlon. In GO SWIM TRIATHLON SKILLS, Sara shares her secrets for working on stroke technique, and for learning open-water skills in the pool. She demonstrates the technique and skills she’s learned through years of training, competing and working with other triathletes.

In GO SWIM FREESTYLE, Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Jason Lezak shares the key focus points that he uses to develop his awesome freestyle technique.

In GO SWIM BACKSTROKE WITH MARGARET HOELZER, Olympic Medalist and American record holder Margaret Hoelzer shares the key focus points that she uses to develop her awesome backstroke technique.

“Steve Haufler is one of the finest coach-teachers on the planet. In this DVD Steve shows us how to use a variety of tools to teach techniques in the 4 competitive strokes. It is a must have for the coach of novice swimmers, whether they are 9-year olds or new-to-swimming 9th graders. Steve makes use of mirrors, mannequin heads, tape measures, score cards, swim dolls, laminated photos, rope, plastic cups, noodles and more. This DVD is highly recommended by the ASCA Staff.” — American Swim Coaches Association

Go Swim Silicone Caps

With our updated Go Swim silicone caps. Fancy white on blue logos and stripes, you’ll feel faster as you slip through the water with these heavy, high quality silicone caps produced by our friends at Custom Swim Caps.

This DVD contains 32 Go Swim Drills of the Week, all of which were filmed in High-Def and will play in wide-screen format. There are drills for all four strokes (3 drills for Fly, 2 for Back, 10 for Breast, 11 for Free, 3 for sculling and “feel,” and 3 for basics such as streamlined pushoffs).

“This is the BEST presentation on teaching progressions I have ever seen and it is exactly what every coach of novice swimmers needs to view over and over again” — Guy Edson, ASCA Technical Director

In GO SWIM FREESTYLE, Olympic silver medalist and American record holder Kara Lynn Joyce shares the key focus points that she uses to develop her awesome freestyle technique.