Every great coach will tell you… mastering the fundamentals is the first step toward mastering your sport. And in every sport, DRILLS are the fastest way to learn the fundamentals.

If the buzz on our discussion board is any indication, DRYLAND is a hot topic these days for swimmers and coaches. In response to your website comments and email queries, Go Swim has created a new CD called Go Swim Dryland Exercises. Here’s a great way to get yourself a set of six-pack abs…

Open Water Swimming DVD

Triathlete and coach Michael Collins shares the knowledge he has gained from more than 20 years of coaching and racing in open-water swims and triathlons.

Coaches will love this “silent” DVD. With no voiceover, it is pure swimming — perfect for showing to teams because you can supply your own commentary. And… it is formatted for downloading to your iPod.

Get Ready to Go Swim

A Simple, 30-Minute Routine of Stretching and Strengthening Exercises that Gets Every Member of Your Team Ready to Go Swim.