Go Swim All Strokes

Go Swim is pleased to announce an exciting new DVD, starring two of the world’s fastest and most gifted IM swimmers — Kaitlin Sandeno and Erik Vendt.

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Go Swim Silicone Cap

Blue cap with white lettering. This soft silicone cap can be worn comfortably for hours. A great gift, and a reminder for all swimmers to focus on technique while they train.

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Kid Finz

Designed to teach young swimmers how to maintain a correct body position in the water. Kicking with fins generates lift propulsion and automatically establishes the child in a horizontal position. This is not a natural and instainctive feeling in the water and is often a task very difficult to teach or become familiar with.

Swim Mirror

Watch yourself swim and see what the coaches see. Swim Mirrors provide instant feedback to help improve all four strokes. Swim Mirrors are easily placed on the bottom of the pool and may be removed when practice is complete.


Monofin Competitor

The largest and fastest of all FINIS Monofins, the Competitor Monofin utlilizes a hand tapered fiberglass blade that provides speed, flexibility and maximum distance per kick. Available in soft, moderate and firm blades.


Monofin Shooter

The Shooter Monofin allows for quick kicking action. It is designed to simulate race pace kick tempo and develop power in your kick. Swimming butterfly for longer periods of time is now easier without suffering from stroke decay.


Monofin Trainer 1

The Trainer Monofin has a longer fiberglass blade for development of proper streamlining and dolphin kick motion. It is ideal for lengthening of stroke, improving body balance and core muscle conditioning. For competitive swimmers and triathletes


Back Fin Bag

THE Back Fin – You wanted it You got it! After asking swimmers and surfers what they would like in a bag, we developed the ultimate backpack.


PDF’s (fins)

Almost four years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn Mills. Well, not really, but we met. He was carrying something that caught my eye – a pair of round, weird-looking fins. I knew Glenn had swum breaststroke in a former life.