Last weekend I watched Aleksandre Popov’s video, called “Sprint Freestyle – What’s the Limit?” The tape begins with Popov saying that the most important elements in sprint freestyle are rhythm, range, and relaxation. This set helps you work on one of the three Rs: Relaxation.

Here is a little number that I like to call Dream On. It might sound a little harsh but it is meant to get swimmers to think big (not that they couldn’t do this on their own, but the set helps). We did this test set throughout the season last year. In the middle of the season we used it to get the swimmers to think about what was possible and how much work they had ahead of them. When this set is done at the end of the season, it is a good way of letting you know exactly where you are.

Test Set #2

Cuando entrenaba un equipo de la universidad, mi d�a favorito de la semana era el martes porque cada martes hac�amos una prueba donde se trataba de competir a su m�ximo potencial, saliendo de arriba.

With the end of something great comes the inevitable absence of great. For the past twenty-six weeks I have been writing about how we prepared our team for a final championship weekend.

This is something that I have heard a lot lately. While I am thankful for the appreciation that people show me for the work that I do, there are two things that are inherently wrong with this statement.

When I was a wee lad making my way through elementary school we had art projects that were an attempt to make everyone feel like they were budding artists. The art projects were simple.