I’m expecting a few extra gray hairs this weekend, when our swimmers face the league’s #1 men’s team and the league’s #2 women’s team. We are currently ranked #2 men’s team and #1 women’s team, and we are the league’s defending champions in both categories, so you can see that this is a big matchup.

Here’s an exercise you can do if you enjoy people watching. Sit down on your favorite park bench, preferably in an area where lots of people walk by, and notice the variety of strides, struts, strolls, and shuffles.

“I missed my turn, Coach.” “My start was slow.” “My finish was slow.” How often have you heard – or UTTERED – one of these commonplace excuses for a mediocre performance?

Week #8: Slam Dunk

This past summer, Argentina pulled off one of the biggest upsets in international competition history and proved that style ain’t everything. The basketball game was a huge mismatch on paper.

We have been training eight times a week, in addition to a weight session on Tuesday and Thursday, with no breaks. The fatigue has really started to show in the pool.

This week I have been reading Dave Denniston’s tips on writing the perfect practice. Dave has incredibly insightful suggestions that can help to make practice more engaging to the athletes.

This week has presented some rather large challenges for our team, athletes and coaching staff alike. We have been doing doubles on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the past two weeks. Having these extra sessions is necessary to compete at the collegiate level.

This week I received the best piece of news, ever, from a doctor. Mr. Blue will be able to get into the pool thanks to Gore-Tex, which has now replaced duct tape and fistgloves as my favorite fix-all tool and pool tool.

Week #3 – Entropy

In my last two entries, I talked about the importance of sitting down before each new season to lay out a plan based on length of season, hours of pool time, and on the personalities and talents of your swimmers. I also shared some of the things we do to get our swimmers ready, both physically and mentally, for the aerobic phase of our training. Well, planning is one thing, but what happens when the unplannable becomes the reality?