Turns – Air Control Flip Turn

Many swimmers, especially ones still learning, can tend to allow too much air to escape during the flip turn. This is done to make sure no water goes UP the nose, but it also has a detrimental effect on your pushoff.

All Strokes – Starts

Every race begins with the start. How you react and the direction you choose can determine if you’re ahead or behind.

Turns – Vertical Pushoffs

When first teaching swimmers to push off more on their backs for a flip turn, sometimes there is some disorientation in this process.

Starts – Deep Pool Vertical Entry

So you’ve got a big group of kids you’re trying to teach starts to, but you have to be safe, and run them all through a skill quickly and repeatedly… start from the end.

Turns – Under-Over Drill

When trying to get large groups of swimmers practicing proper pushoffs, sometimes NOT giving them a choice is a great way to teach.