Turns – Pushoff Target

We can never stress enough the importance of good streamlining and push offs. Here’s a quick trick to demand focus from your swimmers, both in and out of the walls.

Turns – Stable Pushoffs

When many younger and older swimmers come off a flip turn, they’re sometimes disoriented and push off incorrectly. In order to learn a great line, and stable exit from a flip, here’s a good sequence to help.

Turns – Tech Suit Turns. The last hurrah!

This drill is sent out to all our friends heading to US Masters Nationals in Atlanta this week. This will be pretty much the last weekend for the tech-suit era and, love ’em or hate ’em, they’ve made quite an impact on the sport.

Turns – Late-Hands Flip

When first learning how to do an effective flip turn, many people try to use the hands to help them get the turn started. But then they get caught, and are unable to finish the rotation.

Freestyle – Ultra-Fast Turns

The concept of “working your turns” is something all swimmers know about, but few swimmers take seriously. Maybe they think they don’t have time, or are too tired to create QUICK and FAST walls. Here’s a drill that will help. For the younger swimmers especially, this proves to be a good drill, and fun.

Turns – Two-Handed Freestyle

If you’re like most competitive swimmers, the majority of your training is freestyle. This is great, but it doesn’t give you much chance to practice your butterfly or breaststroke turns. This drill can be incorporated into any standard freestyle set. It provides the benefits of distance training, and allows you to practice your two-handed turns.

Turns – Weighted Flips

Every part of your race is important but flip turns carry a little extra weight because, pure and simple, fast turns mean fast times.

Turns – Plant Your Feet

Turns can make or break any race, so having REALLY fast turns is extremely important to competitive swimmers. Some swimmers, however, focus so much on spinning around QUICKLY, that they sometimes place their feet too high — or too low — on the wall.

Turns – Tennessee Turns

Way back in the mid 1970s, the University of Tennessee was one of the powerhouses of NCAA swimming. They were famous all over the world for their ability to start, and turn.

Freestyle Flip Turn – Far-Hands Flip Turn

Every swimmer wants to have super-fast freestyle flip turns, and wants to execute them with vigorous authority. Sometimes, however, this desire creates more problems than it solves.

Starts – Clean Up the Feet

Most of the time when we work on starts, we focus on the take-off. Here’s a short focal point that starts with the end… the feet.

Turns – Flip-Turn Eyes

One of the most common actions in our sport is the flip turn. Depending on how you accomplish this action, you’re either making your life easier… or harder.

Dryland: Building Quickness

Quickness and explosive power are essential to fast swimming, but it’s difficult to develop these skills in the pool because of the resistive quality of water.

Salute the Official

Showing respect for the officials is always a good thing, but now it can actually help you have a tighter, straighter, faster butterfly and breaststroke turn. In this series of photos, a few swimmers demonstrate a very smart salute.

Starts & Turns – Rocket Launchers!

Here’s a cool way to have some fun while improving your swimming. Rocket Launchers are a form of plyometrics, which is a fancy word for any exercise where a muscle is super-stretched before it’s contracted. In Rocket Launchers, you’re stretching (or loading) the quads as you crouch under the surface, then you’re explosively CONTRACTING the quads as you jump up.

Turns – Open Turn Sequence Step #3

Here’s Step #3 in our 4-step sequence for learning the open turn. Even if your turns are pretty good, this drill will help improve your turning speed by making you more aware of your hands and arms.

Turns – Open Turn Sequence Step #2

Here’s Step #2 in our 4-step sequence for learning a fast and efficient open turn. Even if you already know how to do open turns and flip turns, this drill is fun and will help improve your breaststroke and butterfly turns.

Turns – Open Turn Sequence Step #1

While nearly every swimmer aspires to learn the flip turn, there are times when an open turn — done properly — is your best option. Here’s a fun drill that is step #1 in the learning process for a fast and efficient open turn.

Starts – Forward Dive Sequence Step #4

When we started our sequence of drills for learning how to do a forward dive off the blocks, we THOUGHT it would take just four steps. But we found that getting from this… which is Step #3…

Starts – Forward Dive Sequence Step #3

Here’s Step #3 in our 4-step sequence for learning the forward dive. If you’ve never gone off the blocks, this is an essential step! But even if you’re comfortable diving from the blocks, starting from the side of the pool can help you try some new things with your hands and feet.

Starts – Forward Dive Sequence Step #2

Here’s Step #2 in our 4-step sequence for learning the forward dive. Even if you already know how to start from the blocks, this drill is fun and will reinforce the key skill of getting your hands in streamline as you enter the water.