New Masters Content

The beginning of our new series focusing solely on Masters Swimming, we start with some flip turns.

Kim Vandenberg Starts

We had a great opportunity to spend time with Olympic Medalist Kim Vandenberg yesterday.

Go Fast with Jessica Hardy!

What we’re starting with is a conversational tone with Jessica, as she takes us through how she thinks about speed, how she trains, and what her favorite drills are.

Backstroke Basics with Steve Haufler

Steve Haufler is widely recognized as one of the best stroke teachers in the world. In GO SWIM BACKSTROKE BASICS, Steve shares his secrets for teaching an efficient and fast backstroke to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

iPhone Underwater Footage!

If you’ve wondered if the iPhone really has the ability to record quality video underwater… here’s a small vid. on iPhone

While in Vermont filming this past week, we shot this fun, short video with one of our demonstrators.

Online – Breaststroke with Roque Santos

1992 Olympic Trials Champion in the 200 breaststroke, Roque Santos, shares his thoughts and techniques on breaststroke. Multiple Masters World Record holder as well as swimming entrepreneur, Roque knows all sides of swimming from competing to coaching.