Available immediately, get access to the entire Go Swim Open Water with Fran Crippen video online, anywhere in the world, anytime you want it. Unlimited viewing! – Updated with a link to a tremendous tribute to Fran.

In Go Swim Straight-Arm Freestyle, Olympic gold and silver medalist Scott Tucker shares his key focus points for developing this increasingly popular freestyle technique. This ONLINE video can be viewed on your computer or on your web enabled device.

In developing how to best deliver the GoSwim Gold videos, and moving our content to a more convenient delivery system for you, we’re also learning the best way to use our own videos as coaches.

What kind of freestyle does it take to set 200+ World Records? Find out what Karlyn does… that YOU can do TODAY! In Go Swim Freestyle, Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen shares her key focus points for freestyle. These are the same concepts she teaches at her clinics and uses in her own training. They work for every level of swimmer — notice to elite.

“Steve Haufler is one of the finest coach-teachers on the planet. Steve makes use of mirrors, mannequin heads, tape measures, score cards, swim dolls, laminated photos, rope, plastic cups, noodles and more. This DVD is highly recommended by the ASCA Staff.” — American Swim Coaches Association

Olympic medalists Kaitlin Sandeno & Erik Vendt demonstrate Fly, Back, Breast, and Free like you’ve never seen them before. The most complete instructional video available for swimmers and coaches.