05/07/07 100 Free workout

May 7, 2007
05/07/07 100 Free workout

500 Choice warm up6 x 75 on 1:30 - focus on the start of a good 100. odd D/D/S even :10 sec break-out/50 swim*6 x 150 on 2:15 - focus on a strong finish of a 100. 1&4 100 S/ 50 Fast Kick 2&5 100 S/ 50 Suicide** 3&6 100 S/ 2 x 25 Fast Rest :05 inbetween8 x 100 Rst :60 before each 100 Fast 2 x Swim (80%) 2 x Fast 1 x Recover 3 x Fast200 Pull on 3:308 x 50 Work Cool Down on :60***= 3,250 SCY* :10 sec breakout: Sprint the first :10 seconds of this 75. if you have a coach, have them whistle :10 sec after sendoff. This is focusing on getting a good pushoff, streamline and first several strokes. If no coach, sprint to the flags (at far end), relax the rest of the 75.** A suicide is a flip turn at the far end flags. You swim the first 50 relaxed, swim fast from the 2nd turn to the far end flags, flip there and swim fast back. This is to work on getting a fast start after a turn, and not building into the swim. *** A "Work Cool Down" is swimming relaxed, but focusing on the little things you need to work on; ie. high elbows, better breath control, steady kick...

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