Bilateral Breathing

Jun 4, 2019
Bilateral Breathing

WARMUP:  800

400 on your own, then…
Four rounds:
1 X 75 freestyle   By 25, breathe Right, breathe Left, breathe on both sides
1 X 25 1Left / 1 Right / 1 whole-stroke butterfly

MAIN SET:  2100
1 X 400 freestyle pull
By 100, your breathing pattern is:
1st100:  breathe every 2…every 4
2nd100:  breathe every 2…every 3
3rd100:  breathe every 2 or every 3
4th100:  alternate 1 length breathe Right…1 length breathe Left

8 X 25 freestyle on :35
Swim at relaxed pace, with relaxed jaw and relaxed breathing.
Breathe only when you need to breathe.

1 X 400 freestyle swim or pull
Odd lengths:  Breathe as much as you want
Even lengths:  Breathe every 5 or every 3
Slow down if necessary to make the breath-control goal!

8 X 25 with 3 to 4 “bobs” recovery after each 25
Odds:  Easy backstroke
Evens:  Easy freestyle with relaxed breathing; try taking just 2 or 3 breaths

1 X 300 freestyle pull
Breathe every 3, except that every 4thlength is up-tempo and you can breathe as much as you want.

8 X 25 with fins on :35
Odds:  Dolphin kick on your back
Evens:  Body-dolphin breaststroke, breathing every 4, 3, 2, 1 by 25

4 X 100 freestyle pull or swim
On each 100, breathe every 5 (1stlength), every 4 (2ndlength), every 3 (3rdlength), every 2 (final length)

8 X 25 on easy sendoff
Odds:  Breaststroke; focus on max distance per stroke and complete exhale
Evens:  Freestyle; breathe only to your less comfortable side

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