February is Free Swim Evaluation Month at GoSwim!

Jan 1, 1970
February is Free Swim Evaluation Month at GoSwim!

Send us a length of YOUR swimming, shot from underwater, and GoSwim will send you a detailed stroke evaluation – for FREE.Who Can Do ItAnyone with an existing or new GoSwim “PRO Annual” subscription.How to Do It

  • Grab a GoPro or your iPhone in a Hitcase (use code SWIM10 for a discount).
  • Get yourself a PRO Annual subscription to GoSwim.tv and check out the course: “How to Film Swimmers for Evaluations.”
  • Have someone film you swimming ONE length of the pool, using the guidelines from our “How to Film” course.
  • Remember: the footage must be from
  • under water
  • , not from above the water.
  • To send your clip, click this link. Make sure you send
  • from
  • the same email that you used to set up your GoSwim account. (https://goswim.wetransfer.com/)
  • We must receive your clip before midnight on February 28, 2018.

What Happens Next?GoSwim’s coaches will review your clip and overlay it with an audio/visual evaluation of your stroke. When we return the video, you’ll have detailed feedback on things you’re doing well…and things you could improve. We’ll send you links to appropriate GoSwim videos that will help you make corrections and improvements in your stroke.Why Do It?With enhanced knowledge of your stroke and what you need to do to improve, your PRO subscription will be even more valuable. And…if you want a follow-up evaluation during the year, you can purchase one for a minimal fee. Knowledge is power, and you really don’t KNOW your stroke until you’ve seen it from under the surface. Our GoSwim coaches have evaluated more than 20,000 lengths of swimming. We’ve seen a lot…and covered a lot. And we look forward to seeing YOU in February!

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