Streamline, Core Stability, and Body Line

Aug 27, 2019
Streamline, Core Stability, and Body Line

4 X 25 no equipment. Hold streamline (no kicking) until after you pop to the surface, then swim freestyle.  Glide farther on each 25.

2 X 25; hold streamline while doing flutter kick and continue to do Streamline 360 Rotations for full 25

3 X 50; start each 50 with a Streamline 360 Rotation, then swim freestyle

4 X 75 Back/Breast/Free; focus on tight streamline and core stabilization off each wall; get into breaststroke streamline (thumbs touching, head between shoulders, horizontal body line) on each stroke of breaststroke

2 X 25 from a dive; hold streamline (no kicking) until after you pop to the surface, then swim freestyle

3 X 50 freestyle with pull buoy at ankles; use core to stabilize

4 X 75 freestyle; start each 75 from a streamlined, splash-free dive and focus on swimming from the core

Swim twice through all of the following:
2 X 25; take only 1 full stroke of freestyle per length (you can take it anywhere during the length); the rest is streamline flutter kick on your stomach.

2 X 75 Back/Breast/Free, with minimum number of strokes on breaststroke (focus on achieving horizontal body line)

4 X 25; each 25 is…
3 kicks breaststroke + 3 strokes breaststroke, then finish with butterfly (hint: try not to swim any butterfly).  No pullouts allowed!

1 X 100 (75 free + 25 breast); moderate pace; focus on distance per push off and horizontal body line while swimming

Grab a snorkel and pull buoy.  Float face down in streamline position, with pull buoy at ankles.  When you can maintain stable, horizontal body line, try rotating slightly from one side to the other while maintaining your body line.

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