SOTW Freestyle Breakouts

Oct 16, 2019
SOTW Freestyle Breakouts

WARMUP:  400 (or 10 minutes) on your own

4 X 50 choice
Before each 50, do 6 vertical jumps with arms in streamline.  If water is 7-9 feet deep, do 2 or 3 quick dolphin kicks as you jump up toward the surface.

MAIN SET #1:  500-700
Four times through the following, with no extra rest between rounds:
3 X 25 on #1 :25 (moderate pace)…#2 :25 (moderate pace)…#3  :40 (fast)
Choice of 50, 75, or 100 on 1:30; descend 1-4 by round

After 4 rounds of the above, swim 100 easy recovery, then
4 X 25 of Matt Targett’s drill called Vertical Kick Sprint 25s (find it on

MAIN SET #2:  750
Five times through the following.  Fins are recommended but not mandatory.  No extra rest between rounds.
Focus:  Use a quick, powerful flutter kick into each breakout.
75 kick of choice on 1:30
1 X 50 freestyle on 1:00; descend 1-5 by round
1 X 25 freestyle on :40; powerful breakout, then build

WARM DOWN:  100-200 easy; include some pulling, backstroke, and breaststroke

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