GoSwim Stroke Evaluations

Feb 19, 2018
GoSwim Stroke Evaluations

The best way for swimmers to fix a problem is for them to actually SEE it.

GoSwim has more than 15 years of experience in evaluating the stroke technique of thousands of swimmers, ranging from Olympic and NCAA champions to total beginners. We are commonly recognized as world leaders in creating educational content which helps people see and understand what great technique looks like, as well as provide the steps to attain it.

The newest addition to GoSwims educational arsenal is our Evaluation Program. Although only 3 years old, we have filmed and evaluated over 10,000 age-group swimmers. A short example of an evaluation can be seen here.

Our video commentary is very straightforward. We have developed what we call the “fundamentals of swimming”, reporting only on these key points. This common sense and supportive reporting typically validates the messages you, as the home coach, continue to repeat day after day. What most coaches discover is that GoSwim’s “second opinion” supports your message, illustrating it in a way the swimmer will understand, and make the necessary changes.

There is no cost to the coach or team, the entire process in an “opt-in” by athletes that desire underwater filming and evaluation. This way, only the people that are truly interested in the product will take part.

How It Works

There are a couple different options to begin the evaluation process. The first option is where we will send you all of the filming equipment that you need. In this situation you will film the swimmers, send the equipment back to us, and we will take care of the rest. This second option is ideal because this will include you in the revenue process, giving you a percentage of the proceeds. There’s no need to be intimidated by doing the filming yourself, even if you have no previous experience. We have developed a course explaining the ins and outs of how to effectively film with the specific equipment that we will send you.

The second option is to schedule a visit, contacting us to determine a time and date when we can visit your location and film the swimmers that sign up. Since we will incur the travel expenses, there will have to be a certain number of swimmers that sign up for the trip to be feasible for us. These details will be discussed further and will depend on your specific situation.


Now all of this may sound great, but don’t take it from us, here is what some of our previous clients have to say:

“I find your app to be the best for helping swimmers fix their problems. The money I paid for your video and analysis was the best money ever spent. You are excellent and only wish you were closer so we could use your expertise more.” Elena B

“Personally, I love to help swimmers at all levels to stay open to feedback as they continue to learn about and improve their own strokes. They become more knowledgeable about their technique and get excited about trying new things. Helping my swimmers to define small specific goals and working toward them has led to success!  As a coach, I feel confident that sharing the GoSwim Underwater Analysis with my swim community is invaluable and everyone benefits from it.” Kirsten H

If this sounds like something that you or your team would be interested in, or if you simply have a couple of specific questions about the service; contact us at kyle@goswim.tv to get the ball rolling and figure out the details. We look forward to working with you!

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