SOTW Kicked-Up Kick Sets

Mar 30, 2020
SOTW  Kicked-Up Kick Sets

WARMUP:  400

4 X 50 freestyle; start by using minimal kick on first 50; add a bit more intensity to the kick on each 50

MAIN SET #1:  700
4 X 75 freestyle
Start each 75 by pushing off in streamline at the surface and kicking in streamline until feet are past the backstroke flags (5y/5m).  Start to swim by increasing the intensity of the kick, extending the lead arm straight ahead, and hooking in solidly with the pulling arm.

Two rounds:
1 X 50 (25 dolphin kick + 25 fly)
1 X 50 (25 flutter kick + 25 backstroke)
1 X 50 (25 breast kick + 25 breast)
1 X 50 (25 kick of choice + 25 free)

MAIN SET #2:  800
Four rounds:
1 X 50 flutter kick with a board; do flip turn instead of open turn
1 X 50 pull; focus on solid pushoffs and distance attained on pushoff
1 X 100 freestyle; minimal kick on first length; max kick on final length

Freestyle relay #1.  Each swimmer dives in, swims freestyle to mid pool, executes a mid-pool flip and returns to the starting end.

Freestyle relay #2.  Each swimmer dives in, swims 35 yards/meters, executes a mid-pool flip and continues on to the starting end and relay exchange.

WARMDOWN:  100-200 easy

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