Performance Data in the GoSwim App

Oct 31, 2022
Performance Data in the GoSwim App

The ALL NEW updated GoSwim app will be available soon, so we wanted to show you what’s coming.  The app isn’t just about video anymore. We’ve included annotation ability, full performance data evaluation, and recommended videos based on your performance data.

Here are the new features and benefits of the new app.


All of the content that’s ever been in is now available in the app.  Fully searchable and broken into tabs to make it more simple to find exactly what you’re looking for.

• The Daily video – changing daily to give you something to think about each time you go to the pool.
• Our Courses – The full course content library, searchable by stroke and ability level.
• Lessons – Dig into and find individual lessons based on stroke, ability level, and fine-point detail.
• Themes – Our weekly themes, which are seven videos following a specific theme.  Do a quick deep dive into a specific subject.

Learn Screen


Our proprietary camera guides you to keep the swimmer in the middle of the screen and allows you to add performance data live (or you can add it after the swim).

02 Recording Screen


Keep all of your practice or race swims in one place.  Sort by stroke, distance, or name, and compare your best races to your most recent.

03 Evaluate Screen


A FULL annotation app is included inside each video.  Do full mark-up as well as voiceover.  All the expected annotation features are included as standard equipment in our new app.

04 Annotate Screen


A quick look at every stroke, detailed by distance for each stroke and time on each stroke.  This detailed view can give you quick insights into how breathing or a loping stroke impacts performance.

05 Sl : Sr View


Incredibly detailed performance data in the palm of your hand.  The GoSwim app will give you the following data on your upcoming races, or you can upload your past races and add data.  Get your swimming history and see your improvement over time.

• Breakout Split – How long did you spend underwater
• Breakout Distance – How far did you go underwater
• Strokes – How many strokes per length did you take
• Tempo – How many strokes per minute did you take
• Distance Per Cycle – How far did you travel on a stroke cycle (2 strokes for free and back, 1 stroke for breast or fly)
• 15 Meter Split – How long did it take you to get to the 15-meter mark
• Swim Velocity – What was your average velocity for each length of your swim
• Turn and Finish Time – How long did it take you to get from the flags to the wall to the flags on a turn or from the flags to the wall on a finish
• Lap Time – Here are your standard “splits” for your swim

06 Data Screen


Data is great, but what do you do now?  Our system will look at your data and assign a score.  That score then goes back out into our video library and recommends videos for you to watch based on that data.  Over time, the system will get better at predicting the best videos for you, so the more you use it, the better it will get.

07 Recommended Videos

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