GoSwim App - Theme of the Week

Mar 5, 2021
GoSwim App - Theme of the Week

Download the app at www.goswim.app

Hello, everybody Glenn Mills from go swim, and we’re going to go through a feature of the app.

Today we want to focus on the theme of the week, which is something we’ve been doing for about five years now. We give away a video every day for free to the entire swimming community. And the way that it works is that if you have an account, you can watch the full video, the videos that are represented on social media are simply a 10-second clip of that video.

So if you go to the website and you have an account, you’re going to get seven videos each week for free. Those videos follow a theme each week, which means that this week is about race preparation, or preparing for future race skills. Last week was about core stability next week, so breaststroke front end, so each week of seven videos that followed that theme. So this way you can have various ideas to help you understand or learn a little bit more about that specific skill.

So what you’re able to do in the app now is to get all seven videos. On day one, there’ll be seven new videos in the app that you can scroll through, and that you can watch. So they will be live for the entire week. So you can binge-watch one specific theme all week long. So really dig into it. And you can watch these videos as much as you want, as many times as you want, whenever you want. And it’s both on Android and on iOS.

So we encourage you to create your free account, go in start watching the videos, and each week there will be a new theme that starts on Monday and we’ll go through midnight. Midnight our time in Arizona on Sunday night. So we hope you enjoy it the way you get there just in case it doesn’t default to open it.

At the bottom, you’ll see courses workouts, activity, and profile so obviously, you would go to courses and at the top, you have all the different strokes listed all the way down to triathlon, beginner, and advanced skills. So you just go to weekly at the top left and that will be the theme of the week. We hope you enjoy it.

We hope you’re in the water or or can get in the water soon as pools open up. We’re really hoping that everybody is healthy and safe. And we look forward to seeing you in the pool at some point. Be well everyone.

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