SOTW Breaststroke: Fast Hands

Jan 2, 2020
SOTW  Breaststroke:  Fast Hands

WARMUP:  400 (or 10 minutes) on your own

200 alternating 25 free and 25 easy breaststroke kick

MAIN SET:  1500
Swim three rounds of the following.  Whenever you swim breaststroke or breaststroke drill, your focus is FAST HANDS.  Think about attacking forward with the hands. Don’t let them get stuck under the chin or chest!   Use generous sendoffs throughout.

Rounds 1 and 2:  wear fins
Round 3:  no fins

4 X 25
Breaststroke arms with flutter kick

3 X 50
Each 50 is 25 breaststroke arms with flutter kick + 25 freestyle

2 X 75
Each 75 is 25 kick on your back + 25 breaststroke + 25 kick on your back.
Round 1:  kick is dolphin; breaststroke is with dolphin kick
Round 2:  kick is flutter; breaststroke is with flutter kick
Round 3:  kick is breaststroke; breaststroke is “normal” breaststroke

1 X 100
Alternate 25 easy freestyle and 25 breaststroke with fast hands.
Round 1:  breaststroke with dolphin kick
Round 2:  breaststroke with flutter kick
Round 3:  breaststroke with breaststroke kick

WARMDOWN:  100-200 easy

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