SOTW Push Off Straight!

Mar 30, 2020
SOTW  Push Off Straight!

WARMUP:  400 on your own

8 X 25
#1-4: Push off in streamline and hold streamline (with no kick) until after you pop to the surface.  Once you pop up, start flutter kicking with arms in streamline, then add freestyle armstroke to finish the length.
#5-8:  Freestyle, starting with streamlined pushoff

MAIN SET: 1450
Goal:  Set a target distance for where you will break out on every length.  You might place markers on the bottom of the pool, or use a stretch cord draped across the lane lines, or use the backstroke flag poles as your target.  Reach your target on every length!  Take enough rest after each swim so that you can accomplish your goal.

2 X 25 freestyle
2 X 50 freestyle
2 X 75 freestyle
1 X 100 freestyle
1 X 150 freestyle
1 X 200 freestyle

100 easy recovery

12 X 50 freestyle
#1-6:  Flip and “freeze” after each turn, making sure you are in optimum position for a strong, streamlined pushoff…and then push off and swim the second 25 of the 50.  If circle swimming, separate by 10 or even 15 seconds.
#7-12:  Eliminate the freeze, but focus on pushing off straight and in tight streamline.  Continue to separate by 10 or 15 seconds if circle swimming.

WARMDOWN:  100-200 easy

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