SOTW Breaststroke Focus Points

Oct 9, 2019
SOTW Breaststroke Focus Points

WARMUP:  400 (or 10 minutes) on your own

If you (or your team) has the entire pool to yourself, line up along one side and swim breaststroke across the pool, timing your strokes so that your head comes up for a breath once in every lane.

If you don’t have the entire pool, swim normally in your lane as follows:
4 X 50 (25 breast + 25 free); count strokes on breaststroke lengths and take one fewer stroke on each 50.

MAIN SET:  1500
Swim 3 rounds of the following, adding (layering) a new focus point on each round.  Use generous sendoffs so that Coach can give feedback.

Round #1:  Keep face in water until hands separate
Round #2:  Keep the wrists straight
Round #3:  Pull the hips forward

4 X 25 breaststroke on :40 or :45; work the focus point(s)

3 X 50 (25 breast + 25 free); work the breaststroke focus point(s) and keep the head low during the turn

2 X 75 (25 free + 25 breast + 25 free); work the breaststroke focus point(s) on the breaststroke length

1 X 100
On each length, start with a breaststroke underwater pullout and 1 stroke of breaststroke, then finish the length with freestyle.  On the pullout, focus on seeing the hands before initiating the kick.

WARMDOWN:  100-200 easy

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