SOTW Breaststroke Separation Drill

Mar 30, 2020
SOTW  Breaststroke Separation Drill

WARMUP:  400

200 easy breaststroke kick; include kicking on back, on stomach, and with kickboard

MAIN SET:  1500
Three rounds of the main set, use the following drills/focus points by round:
Round #1: Use Breaststroke Separation Drill on all breaststroke lengths
Round #2:  Swim breaststroke; focus on keeping the legs long and together on “the draw.”
Round #3:  Swim breaststroke; focus on getting arms and torso into breaststroke streamline before you deliver the kick

4 X 25 breaststroke drill (Round #1) or breaststroke (Rounds #2 and #3) on generous sendoff

3 X 50 breaststroke drill (Round #1) or breaststroke (Rounds #2 and #3)

2 X 75 (25 freestyle + 25 breaststroke drill or swim + 25 freestyle

1 X 100 freestyle; focus on keeping the head low

WARMDOWN:  100-200 easy

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