February is Free Swim Evaluation Month at GoSwim!

Jan 24, 2018
February is Free Swim Evaluation Month at GoSwim!

Send us a length of YOUR swimming, shot from under water, and GoSwim will send you a detailed stroke evaluation - for FREE!Who Can Do It

Anyone with an existing or new GoSwim "Annual Pro" subscription.How to Do It

What Happens Next?

  • GoSwim's coaches will review your clip and overlay it with an audio/visual evaluation of your stroke. When we return the video, you'll have detailed feedback on things you're doing well...and things you could improve.
  • We'll send you links to appropriate GoSwim videos that will help you make corrections and improvements in your stroke.
  • You'll now have access to every video in the GoSwim.tv platform as a PRO member.

Why Do It?

  • With enhanced knowledge of your stroke and what you need to do to improve, your PRO subscription will be even more valuable. And...if you want a follow-up evaluation during the year, you can purchase one for a minimal fee.
  • Knowledge is power, and you really don't KNOW your stroke until you've seen it from under the surface.
  • Our GoSwim coaches have evaluated more than 20,000 lengths of swimming. We've seen a lot...and covered a lot. And we look forward to seeing YOU in February.

Technical details:Why do we require underwater video?Our goal is to give you accurate and useful feedback on your swimming. What we’ve learned from years of filming and doing evaluations, is that we need to see your stroke from under the surface. This eliminates the distortions and reflections that occur with above-water filming. Instead of guessing about the path of your hand or the position of your elbow or how much your body is rotating, we can clearly see these things with underwater filming. That’s why we require that you send us underwater footage rather than above-water footage. The better the video you send to us, the better the evaluation and feedback we can provide.I've already used WeTransfer, will I have any trouble?In sending your files, if you already have an account with WeTransfer and you don't see our email in the transfer window, click the three dots in the lower right, which should bring up the window that allows you to enter your email. We've included a couple screenshots that should help.Questions?Email evals@goswim.tv if you have specific questions. We’re happy to help.

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