SOTW Backstroke with Tempo Trainer

Dec 4, 2019
SOTW  Backstroke with Tempo Trainer

WARMUP:  400 (or 10 minutes) on your own

4 X 50; each 50 is 25 flutter kick on your back, trying to have just your nose and mouth above the surface + 25 backstroke with a low and steady head

MAIN SET:  1600
Swim two rounds of all of the following.  Use a Tempo Trainer throughout the set, and use the 50s and 75s to find ONE cadence that works for both freestyle and backstroke.

4 X 50 (25 free + 25 back); focus on keeping the wrist straight and pulling from the wrist area.  Adjust TT until you find one cadence that works for both strokes.

2 X 75 (25 flutter + 25 backstroke + 25 free); use TT and try to hear the beep not at the front of your stroke (as the hand enters), but at the finish of the pull (as the hand brushes the thigh at the exit)

4 X 100 (25 free + 25 back + 25 free + 25 back); use TT set to one cadence.  Try to hear the beep at the finish of each pull (as hand passes the thigh).  For added excitement, try to descend 1-4 (you’ll need to sharpen your turning skills to do this).

50 easy recovery

On second round, keep the same TT setting or, for a challenge, try increasing the cadence by .05.

WARMDOWN:  100-200

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