SOTW Stations!

Sep 4, 2019
SOTW   Stations!

WARMUP:  400 (or 10 minutes) on your own

3 X 50
Each 50 starts with 6 vertical jumps with arms in streamline.  Use your 6th jump to launch yourself toward the starting wall and do an “up and out,” without letting your rear end touch the deck.  When everyone in your lane is out of the water, jump in (one at a time) feet first, push off from the bottom and swim your 50.  Repeat!

NOTE:  Each station should take 10-12 minutes.  Choose among the suggested stations, depending on available equipment and total length of practice time.  If you don’t have a coach for each station, spend some time explaining the stations before your begin.  

STATION #1: Streamline Jumps
1 X 200 IM with 6 streamline jumps before the start of each new stroke
1 X 50 easy recovery
2 X 100 IM on 30 seconds rest.  Descend time on #2.

STATION #2:  Strapless Paddles
Swim 3 times through the following (total of 12 X 25).  Fins are optional. Sendoff should be 40-45 seconds.  Don’t hold the paddles in any way!
2 X 25 breaststroke with strapless paddles (use dolphin kick if wearing fins)
2 X 25 breaststroke with naked hands

STATION #3:  Tempo Trainer
3 X 100 freestyle with Tempo Trainer at one cadence
2 X 50 with Tempo Trainer at :05 fast cadence

STATION #4:  Med-Ball Pass
Form a group of 2-4 swimmers and use one med ball (or water-polo ball) per group.  Swimmers form a circle in their lane and pass the ball back and forth while making their way down the pool and back.  If time, repeat.

STATION #5:  Hula Hoop
8 X 25 dolphin kick on your back
After each 25, hop out of the pool and do…
Odd lengths:  30 seconds hula hoop
Even lengths:  10 crunches on a physio ball

8 X 25 on easy sendoff
Odds:  Choice of stroke; aim for maximum distance per stroke
Evens:  Freestyle, swim as quietly as you can

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