ASCA Continuing Education Credits

Jan 1, 1970
ASCA Continuing Education Credits

With our Partnership with the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), GoSwim is pleased to announce the Continuing Education Program for ASCA Coaches.Learning new ideas, or seeing content that supports what you already do helps coaches know they're on the right path to helping their swimmers. GoSwim believes that consistently delivering content to its members, helps the general knowledge base over time. ASCA agrees and has granted GoSwim members the ability to earn Continuing Education Credits simply by watching the videos.Here is what you can earn:ASCA will provide 3 units of education credit for every GO SWIM Video watched.All of the ASCA talks which are on GoSwim ASCA will provide 8 units for 90% of the ASCA talk videos which average an hour each.Here is how you can track what you watched:Under your name in the upper right side of the site, pull down the menu to PLAYS.By following that link, you'll be able to download the complete list of videos that you've watched in GoSwim. Download the report, and send the report to John Leonard at at ASCA for confirmation.

How do I get started?For ASCA members, log in to your account at and join the ASCA GoSwim Group and start earning credits.What else can I get?Once you're a member of the ASCA GoSwim Group, you're now able to purchase the ASCA Sponsored GoSwim Coach Plan. This exclusive plan combines the best of GoSwim with the best of ASCA. Here's what you get:- Full access to the entire GoSwim Library (~3,000 technique videos featuring some of the greatest swimmers)- Ability to share a video each day with up to 100 of your swimmers.- Ability to film your own swimmers and share the videos safely and securely back to your swimmers.- Access to ALL of the ASCA Coach Talks (~250 Coach talks filmed at ASCA conferences and clinics around the world).- For ASCA members, this plan is now available at the SAME COST as a regular GoSwim Coach Plan! $124.99 / yearIf you're already a member of the ASCA GoSwim group, click this link and log in to gain access to this special offer.

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