Syncing up Multiple Devices

Dec 15, 2022
Syncing up Multiple Devices

All of the videos that you film will be stored on your iCloud or Google drive, this means that when you switch from one device in your account to another, you may see something that doesn’t look quite right.

Why did we use iCloud and Google drive to store your videos?  Well… because they’re YOUR videos.  When the videos you film in the GoSwim app go into your drive, they’re not on OUR drive.  They’re not in OUR cloud… you have complete control.  This is the ultimate safe way to store your videos and the videos you film in our app aren’t on some rogue server, but they’re in the same system you trust with your photos.

Syncing over the cloud has many factors that have to be considered.  How fast is the internet speed of the device syncing the videos UP to the cloud?  While the initial videos will be stored on your device for immediate access, the sharing and backup come in the syncing of your device to iCloud or Google drive.  So if you immediately switch from one device to another, or if you purchase a new iPad and log in to the GoSwim app, when you load your Evaluation Library… it MAY look like this.

Screenshot 12 14 22 8 44 Pm

The athlete names have been blurred, but the strokes, times, and if you’ve already added data to these videos will be viewable immediately.  However, when you see the blue camera with the red line… the video hasn’t made it through yet.

It’s all happening in the background.  So, in a few minutes, or however long it takes based on your internet speed… hit the ACTIONS button in the middle of the lower screen and press the REFRESH button at the bottom of the list.


When the videos have synced, your Evaluate screen will look like this.

Img 0400 Png

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