2008 Top Ten Discussion Topics

Dec 30, 2008
2008 Top Ten Discussion Topics

 So, at the end of the year and looking back.  Here is a list of the Top Ten discussion topics for 2008.  Were you involved?  How will you be involved in 2009?

Thanks to all our members for getting involved, and continue to spread the word about goswim.tv

1)  How do you feel about this? - Dustin Myers
2)  Too much muscle a problem? - musti
3)  Breaststroke timing - Danielle
4)  Need a hand - Pure Water
5)  Sub-minute Breast in yards - musti
6)  In search of FUN Butterfly drills - Coach_Jill
7)  Full Butterfly - Connor
8)  Catching and holding water - CuriousSwimmer
9)  I need urgent help with my breaststroke!!!! - musti
10)  Underwater dolphin kick - Alx

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