7,000th YouTube Subscriber

Jun 28, 2011
7,000th YouTube Subscriber

We were excited last week when we noticed we were about ready to garner our 7,000th subscriber to our YouTube Channel.

While we're not in the league with Laughing Baby... we're pretty proud of our numbers.

We were even happier to learn that one of our regular posters was that 7,000th subscriber.  We understand why Sheila wasn't a subscriber, as she's a regular visitor to the site, so her continued support of Go Swim is very much appreciated... just as we appreciate all of you.

Sheila wrote us a quick email to let us know what GoSwim.tv has meant to her, and for that, we thank her!

"The GoSwim.tv site was a happy discovery for me, about a year ago.  I delayed signing up and becoming an actual member for some time, but eventually wanted access to more of the site and it is worth it (especially since membership is free).  The photos and video drills are the most unique and valuable part of the site.  I know of no comparable offering on any other site.  Being able to SEE the proper methods demonstrated in real time with commentary and discussion helps in learning proper technique in a way simply not possible without the visual aids.  The forums for the members add another helpful aspect with a community feeling and are populated by not only new swimmers, but many experiened coaches and swimmers as well.  They also post several workouts each week, and I have used a number of the workouts for times when I had to do a self-coached session.  The site is administrated by very well-respected and experienced coaches who are accomplished swimmers themselves.  I check this site for new material every day."

Thanks again, Sheila, and to all our friends.  We encourage those of you who are NOT members to become members as we plan on putting more content behind the door in our GoSwim Gold section.

I did fail to mention, that we wanted to celebrate this a bit, so Sheila has been given access to her favorite online videos.  Fran Crippen Open Water - Sara McLarty Triathlon - Karlyn Pipes-Neilson Freestyle

Stay involved and keep watching for milestones as we'll be having little prizes for our friends randomly. :)

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