A Christmas Tale

Dec 24, 2004
A Christmas Tale

OK... so I'm no poet! But at least I tried!

Have a great Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year. Be safe, and train hard. This is a great opportunity to reclaim any missed training, or technique aspects that you've missed so far into the season. Most of all, have a great weekend.



Twas the night before Christmas and all through the pool
The swimmers were standing, the water was cool

The coach was on deck all dressed like Saint Nick
He was pacing back and forth, walking real quick

Writing and writing, coming up with a set
The swimmers were worried and started to bet

Ten 2s on the 3, six 3s on the 4
If the set is too tough, they'll run for the door

But what if it's relays, or something so fun
The swimmers were wishing, then out came the gun (starter's pistol for the nervous people)

It was time to swim fast, it was time to sprint
It was time to dig deep, no longer a wimp

Santa seemed ticked, all ready to scream
Talked about goals, yelled of our dream

We stepped to the blocks, he said take your mark
We leaned over slowly, and imagined a shark

As we heard the gun pop we leapt off the block
Knifed into the water, and started to ROCK

Keep our eyes down as we broke to the surface
Took our first stroke not forgetting our purpose

To get back and forth before any other
To race everyone, yes even our brother

To win will be great, we'll be so victorious
But the real present here, the reason we're joyous

Is because we've improved on our personal best
Not just because we've destroyed all the rest

To work for ourselves, for our own satisfaction
Is really the reason of this sport's sole attraction

For Christmas and Chanukah, and the New Year
For Coaches and Swimmers, Mom and Dad we hold dear

Wishing you greatness is not just a whim
Remember we're working so you can GO SWIM!


Come on now... didn't you at least SMIRK?

Be safe everyone, no paper cuts ripping open those presents.

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