All Strokes - Blowing Bubble Rings

Mar 3, 2009
All Strokes - Blowing Bubble Rings

A couple weeks ago, I was playing around with my camera in the diving well, and blew out a couple bubble rings.  I posted the short clip on Facebook only to be asked a few times... "How did you do that?"  Since I'm on the road this week, I figured we could all use a little break, and I'd have some real masters demonstrate.

Why Do It:

When you spend as many hours in the pool as most high-level competitive swimmers do... you learn to interact with water in many ways.

How to Do It:
We'll try to show a couple different methods for blowing bubble rings.
1.  The most important part of blowing bubble rings is to have still water.  A good idea is to descend to the bottom and then move forward a bit out of the turbulence you just created.
You're going to have to direct all your air through your mouth, so nothing can come out of your nose... here are a couple ways to accomplish that.
2.  Some swimmers need to pinch their nostrils together so no air comes out.
3.  Other swimmers are able to pretty much shut off their noses, so they can just lie back and make the bubbles.
4.  Relax for a few seconds, making sure the water has calmed.
5.  Purse your lips, and build up a breath of air just behind your lips.
6.  With a quick PUFF, blow, or POP out that air in one quick shot.
7.  If done correctly... you'll see a nice bubble ring.  If not... try again.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
There are different ways to block the air.  You can purse your lips as stated above, or... you can use your tongue to block the release of air.

When you really want to play, you can start having target practice.  Try to land the bubble ring around a pole or pair of goggles sitting at the top.  If nothing else, blowing bubble ringsl will help you work on breath control.

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