All Strokes - Change-of-Direction Relays

May 7, 2013
All Strokes - Change-of-Direction Relays

Swim training has a bit of monotony built in to it, so when there's a chance to break from routine, it's good to combine some athletic moves into the fun.

Why Do It:
Swimming is an athletic endevour, so mixing in some cross training moves into swimming can aid in building the quickness some swimmers lack.

How to Do It:
  Set up the course.  We had marks for three different spots on the bottom: a blue line, then 15-yard mark, and then about 25 yards.
2.  The goal was to get to the spot as quickly as possible, flip, and come back to the wall.
3.  Unlike typical relays, each swimmer had to get out, get to thier feet, and tap the next swimmer's calf for the exchange.  There were some DQs when swimmers forgot to stand up.
4.  Each swimmer goes to first mark, then exchanges, then to the 2nd mark, then the 3rd, until all swimmers have swum to each of the marks.

How to Do It Really well (the Fine Points):
Well... not sure if this is a fine point, or just a mean point.  Adding push-ups at the exchanges puts just a bit more fitness training into the mix.  One swimmer was on the blocks ready to go, the other swimmer was counting the pushups out loud to signal when it was time to go.  Just like a relay take off, you can time this by the rhythm of the pushups.  

After 4 or 5 rounds of this with many variations... it turns into a pretty good workout. 

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