All Strokes - Dive and Glide

Oct 28, 2014
All Strokes - Dive and Glide

What kind of line do you carry into the water from your start, and how does your bodyline ultimately impact just how far you have to “swim”?

Why do it:
Learning to control your bodyline without the aid of arms and legs to balance, can ultimately help you go farther off your starts and turns, and shorten your races, or the distance you have to actually swim, rather than glide and dolphin kick.

How to do it:
1 –
From the blocks, dive in.
2 – Hold your streamline for as long as you can.
3 – After you float to the surface, keep gliding to get maximum distance.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Some legendary swimmers have been known to travel an entire 25 meters in this drill, which means we have some room to improve.

Stay tight from fingertips to toes, and don’t hook, or direct your body with your toes as you can see our swimmer doing. This instinct to maintain balance can ultimately scrub off speed and distance. You can also see, this impacts your ability to stay level and continue to move.

Remain parallel to the surface, and try to get your entire body to reach the surface at the same time. Have competitions with your team to see who can get the furthest, and watch the stability and distance improve.

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