All Strokes - FINIS Fins

Sep 24, 2013
All Strokes - FINIS Fins

Since we come across so many variations of fins, we thought we'd put together a very brief overview on various types you may use in your training.  We're obviously fan of FINIS, and had the opportunity to shoot some video on various types of their fins.

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Why Use Fins:
Fins can aid in teaching stroke technique, developing power, increasing flexibility, and building endurance.  Used in moderation, as with any tool, fins add a great dynamic to your training.

Various Types of Fins:
- A great fin for developing proper underwater dolphin technique.  It helps pinpoint the proper muscles you'll need for a better underwater dolphin, and teaches the proper SIZE, or amplitude, of the kick.

PDF FIN - Typically known as the "breaststroke fin," this can be used for all strokes.  A great little training fin that allows you to invent your own drills and sets.

FLOATING FINS - Better for beginner swimmers, this standard fin gives good push that can increase speed and build strength.  You'll find this type of fin in every bin at nearly every pool.  

Z2 ZOOMERS - A short training fin that's been designed to also catch water on the UP kick.  This helps work both sides of the kick by requiring a bit more work from the hamstrings.

ZOOMERS - The original short-blade training fin.  These REQUIRE that you keep a keep going, which will increase your stamina and leg strength. 

How to Use Them Really Well (the Fine Points):
While most people have only one type of fin in their training bag, teams should have a variety in their storage room.  Different swimmers require different types of fins for different reasons, so having a few pair of each means you'll have the right fin for the right swimmer.

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